This month’s blog is all about finding fun stuff online.  If you want to find new recipes for Christmas dinner, or find new craft patterns and ideas, then Pinterest is the place to be.

Pinterest is a website that you can get to using any web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.) by going to  You may have heard the term “pinning” that is now being widely used in a variety of applications, including Microsoft Office and the various web browsers.  That term originated with Pinterest, and it refers to the idea of using virtual pushpins to save items (pictures, instructions, recipes) to your virtual bulletin boards.  Once you have pinned something to one of your boards, it’s there for you to go back to any time.  You can create as many different boards as you wish so that you can keep all your treasures sorted into categories that are easy to find later.

You do need to create a user id, but it’s easy to do by going to and entering your email address and a password.  You can also connect using your Facebook account which also lets you easily see what your Facebook Friends are pinning.

Once you have a user id and sign in to the website, you can search for all kinds of different information.  Recipes and craft ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.  Basically, anything that can be shown in one or more photos and might come with instructions, can be found on Pinterest.

For example, I like to bake.  I find lots of new and interesting recipes on Pinterest and save them to my Cheesecake, Squares, Desserts and Drinks boards.  I also have pinned some Makeup Tips on another board.  Click here to see some of my favourite recipes:

And, if you’re the neighbourhood knitting queen, you can take pictures of your favourite projects and pin them to one of your boards.

If you’re planning a vacation, create a board called My Next Great Vacation and pin pictures of sightseeing ideas, restaurants and hotels.  Then, all the ideas you’ve found online are saved in one place that you can access through the internet before, during and after your vacation.

Ultimately, Pinterest is a great place to find fun stuff and post your creative projects.  To learn more, contact New Start Computer Training to book an appointment.

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