Even if you are only on Facebook occasionally, you have probably seen multiple posts on your timeline begging you to “Type Amen to save the children” or “Don’t scroll without saying R.I.P.”.

Sadly, these posts are not what they appear to be.  They are not generous, concerned people seeking support for a genuine cause.  They are scammers who are collecting likes which will ultimately generate more traffic to their fraudulent website and the cycle is endless.  More likes make more traffic, which make more likes, which make more traffic, and on and on it goes.

Once the website has enough Facebook users hooked, they start spamming (sending unwanted messages) with phishing links that, when clicked, steal personal information and/or redirect you to malicious websites.  Those websites may infect your computer with malware (such as viruses or spyware).

It may seem heartless, but your safety is much more important.  Whenever you see posts such as:

  • “don’t scroll without typing amen.”
  • “how many likes can he get?”
  • “ignore if you are heartless”
  • “1 like = 1 prayer”

please don’t react (like, share, comment).  Don’t give the scammers and fraudsters the satisfaction of making you another one of their victims.  Even one response can lead to a deluge of phishing emails and threats.

As I have said so many times, “better safe than sorry”.  If you are at all uncomfortable or unsure about what you are doing on the internet, please stop.

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