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Out of work and need new skills?

  • Transition to a new career by learning new skills
  • Upgrade your existing skills to better manage your current role
  • Be more confident in communicating with your peers, co-workers and managers

Trying to keep up with the Grandkids?

  • Better able to stay in touch with your family and friends around the world
  • Have more fun communicating in person with your loved ones
  • Share photos, videos, travel stories and laugh as if you were right there

Technology has changed dramatically and very quickly in the past few decades.  There are many people who are scared to admit that they need some help.  However, what they don’t realize is that they are not alone.  For every 10 year old who can figure out the latest gadget new from the store, there are dozens of individuals who need help getting started.

Your family members and friends may have tried to help, but they don’t have the patience or time, plus, they have not been able to explain it in a way that you understand.

New Start Computer Training specializes in helping people get their feet wet around technology.  Starting with a Free personalized assessment, we are able to tailor-make a training program based on your needs, interests and budget.  What sets us apart from others who have tried to help you, is that we have a specialized program focusing on the basic building blocks, using language and concepts that will be recognizable and familiar to you.

We take the fear and frustration out of learning by providing a safe, comfortable environment where questions are encouraged and each participant receives exactly the level of personal support they need to master their new skills.

Group/Individual Training sessions are available.

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